Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear Verizon [Part 2]

First they cancel the New Every Two and now my Unlimited Data Plan! What else can they take from us? I need my data; it's all about the data! I can understand the change but it seems a little high 2GB for $30. Verizon also put out this Data Calculator to let you estimate how much you may need or use. After putting in what I would need, I better get the unlimited data plan (7.62GB/Month). I will sign up before they change the data plan and I understand why they need to do this but it just seems unfair to have a limit. I remember having AOL and had to worry about not going over my minutes. They did eventually have an unlimited plan!!

Overall I'm not mad at Verizon; I just hope they see our point of view too!

Link to the Verizon Data Calculator:


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